Motor Rhythms

Motor Rhythms

September 12, 2011

completed set photos

The Motor Rhythms drum set is complete! Well almost, there are a few minor bugs to work out. I would say it is about 95% complete.  Now I am focusing on getting a good quality sound and video recording of the set in action.

Here are some photos of the set and a list of all the pieces.

Instrument List

- Pulley Bells, 15 notes
- Receiver Drier Chimes, 9 notes
- Brake Drums, 4 tones
- Reservoir Drums, 4 total
- Air Cleaner Gongs, 2 tones
- Oil Trap Wood blocks, 4 tones
- Gas Tank Bass Drums, 2 total
- Flywheel hi-hats
- Washer Bottle foot drum

Oddly enough, regular drum sticks do not sound very good on the set, so I am using a variety of different mallets and beaters.  For sticks I have hard felt beaters, as well as rubber, hard plastic and brass mallets.  There are tennis ball beaters for the gas tank bass drums and a super ball beater for the washer bottle foot drum.