Motor Rhythms

Motor Rhythms

December 24, 2011

iPad and SoundCloud

This post is not completely a Motor Rhythms post, but more of a technology post.  Technology, which I hope to use with the MR set once I am more familiar with the possibilities.  I recently purchased an iPad and have been spending the last few weeks finding apps and leaning how to use them.  There are some really great ideas out there for music and recording.  I also found SoundCloud, which I had not explored yet.  SoundCloud is a social networking site, but it is based around sounds.  You upload sounds that you like or that mean something to you.  It could be your band's new song, an outdoor field recording, or your child's first words.  That is the beauty of it, where ever you are you can record sound and upload it to your SoundCloud page.

visit the Motor Rhythms SoundCloud page here.....

So here are a few of my sounds.  The first is a sampled recording that I made using an app called Loopy HD.  I went around inside an auto repair shop and recorded several sounds including an oil pump, air ratchet, impact gun, and a vehicle lift. Then using the Loopy HD app I turned those sounds into beats.

The second is a short beat on the Motor Rhythm set.  It uses a wide variety of sounds from the kit.

Motor Swap Video

I replaced an engine last month and filmed the whole job.  Over eight hours of work are compressed into two and a half minutes.  The sounds are where Motor Rhythms comes in.  Using a looping app for the iPad I recorded several different sounds in an auto repair shop.  Some of the sounds include an oil pump, air ratchets, and impact guns.  Then I looped the sounds together to form the rhythms that are in the video.

I hope you enjoy it!