Motor Rhythms

Motor Rhythms

The Forgotten Foot

In The Forgotten Foot, Jordan Hill and Kofi Baker demonstrate the role of the left foot as an important facet of learning to play drum set.  You will develop better timing and consistency through a series of exercises designed to improve your four-way coordination. The book covers a wide range of topics, from basic reading and notation to advanced beats and fills.  Both rock and jazz styles are highlighted, including exercises for double bass technique.  The accompanying CD has over 50 tracks demonstrating many of the exercises in the book performed by Kofi Baker.  Everything you want to play on the drum set, whether beats, fills, or soloing, will be that much easier to grasp because you have learned how to use your forgotten left foot.

The book has six chapters including, Fundamentals, Rudiments, Rock Beats and Fills, Shuffle and Jazz, Double Bass, and Foot Patterns.  You begin using your left foot on the very first page of reading exercises, and both feet are used when practicing the rudiments.  The rock, shuffle and jazz beats all follow a natural learning progression.  The double bass and foot pattern chapters become more advanced and introduce new concepts like pedal bridging, and poly-rhythms.

Here is a sample page and audio track from the double bass chapter.  All the fill pages in the book use a four bar phrase, allowing you to practice fills more naturally.

The Forgotten Foot is available at many location including Guitar Center, and Sam Ash Music Stores.  It can also be found online through and many other websites.