Motor Rhythms

Motor Rhythms

April 13, 2011

April Update

Here is an update on the Motor Rhythms project and life in general.  In my free time I have been working on fixing some problems with the existing instruments and building a few new ones.  The most current creation is a set Receiver Dryer Chimes, which I will be posting about soon.

I was able to get in a snow hike at the end of March.  I turned 30 years old in March, so this was a bit of a  birthday hike.  I went with a friend who also turned 30 in March.  We went up to Mt. Baldy, which is the closest 10,000 foot peak in the LA area. It was a great hike.  I took us about 7 hours to make it to the top and back down.  Here are a few photos.

There will be more posts coming soon. I also hope to have some good quality video/audio in the next couple of months.

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