Motor Rhythms

Motor Rhythms

July 27, 2010

Wood Blocks

I discovered that a set of wood blocks/temple blocks could be made out of different size and shape plastic tanks. One of the tanks came from a BMW intake manifold, another was the power steering reservoir off a Volvo. The other tanks are oil traps from a Saab Turbo and a Volvo S8O.

Here is the power steering fluid reservoir from a Volvo.

This is the vacuum tank off of a BMW intake manifold.

Here is one of the oil traps from a Saab Turbo.

Once the parts were removed from their respective cars, I cut the tops off of all the tanks. Some of the pieces had baffles inside that also needed to be removed. After all of this was done I was left with hollow plastic tanks with one open side, much like a cowbell. I made a mounting plate out of scrap metal brackets and added a 3/8" post so that it can be mounted in most percussion hardware.

Here are the completed wood blocks and the mounting bracket.

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